The Reality of Quality

Broadcasters for the most part have tried to maintain a quality standard for decades now, by spending hundreds of millions of dollars on professional equipment. It wasn’t until funniest home videos that Network TV started to realize that crappy picture and sound quality would be excepted if the content was compelling enough. Of course there is good and bad in that.

Location Podcast Kit Bag

This blog is intended to provide guidelines about minimum standards for podcast recording. In later blogs I will get you details about equipment lists, digital formatting, delivery specifications and more.

12 Steps of Podcasting

Here are 12 facts I have been able to dig up on podcasting. As far as I can tell these are as close to the truth when it comes to how it happened as anybody can confirm and may surprise you a little.

Podcasting – What and Why?

This blog will try and provide as much information as you need to record and produce a quality audio podcast. The techniques and equipment choices are based on 30+ years of recording everything from live events, documentaries, feature film projects and recorded live television shows sometimes to the entire CBC network where mistakes cannot be taken back or fixed in post.