iKAMCast-007 Is Mobile Video Main Streaming?



iKAMCast is going to deal with my two passions, Broadcast TV and the Internet and how aspects of each are influencing the other. I’m going to break it down to three main points: Content, Marketing and Technology.



Hi and welcome to iKAMCast / today we’re asking, “Is Mobile Video Main Streaming?”

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Five or even three years ago mobile TV and video was a hojpoj of digital formats and today it’s still a hoj but it looks as though it may get worked out. Why should you care?



Andrew McGivern – Business Communications and Podcast Addict


  • The Bunker Project and how it began
  • Content Delivery Networks for entertainment like Netflix.
  • Digital Terrestrial Television and the re-broadcast of network TV.
  • Digital Television that is streamed over the Internet.

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