Stories, experiences, what went right and what went horribly wrong. Over the last years in the studio with TV and sound recording and in the field with documentaries and film look for it here from myself and from guests.

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iKAMCast – You’re Gonna Wanna Hear This

Posted: Dec 14, 2012

What am I going to talk about? Well my two passions of course Broadcast TV and the Internet and how aspects of each are influencing the other. To help visitors along with myself focus on topics, I’m going to break down the aspects to three main talking points: Content, Marketing and Technology.

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The Reality of Quality

Posted: Nov 21, 2012

Broadcasters for the most part have tried to maintain a quality standard for decades now, by spending hundreds of millions of dollars on professional equipment. It wasn’t until funniest home videos that Network TV started to realize that crappy picture and sound quality would be excepted if the content was compelling enough. Of course there is good and bad in that.

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Location Podcast Kit Bag

Posted: Nov 17, 2012

This blog is intended to provide guidelines about minimum standards for podcast recording. In later blogs I will get you details about equipment lists, digital formatting, delivery specifications and more.

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12 Steps of Podcasting

Posted: Nov 6, 2012

Here are 12 facts I have been able to dig up on podcasting. As far as I can tell these are as close to the truth when it comes to how it happened as anybody can confirm and may surprise you a little.

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Podcasting – What and Why?

Posted: Nov 4, 2012

This blog will try and provide as much information as you need to record and produce a quality audio podcast. The techniques and equipment choices are based on 30+ years of recording everything from live events, documentaries, feature film projects and recorded live television shows sometimes to the entire CBC network where mistakes cannot be taken back or fixed in post.

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The Complete Podcasing Package

Posted: Oct 1, 2012

Complete Sound Production Recording - Editing – Music – Effects – Final mix Location Sound Recording Establishing the correct recording environment is paramount to a great recording. Inappropriate background noise can distract the listener from the subject matter. That may mean a lecture...

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The Talks – 2010 Olympic Podcasts

Posted: Jan 22, 2012

KAM digital started production on this series in February of 2009 as the Intellectual Muscle series Technical Director. First preparing a technical standards document, with recordings coming in from across Canada there had to be a minimum standard met by all recordings contributed.

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Podcast Production

Posted: Jan 20, 2012

Intellectual Muscle Intellectual Muscle was developed by Vancouver 2010 and the University of British Columbia, in collaboration with universities across Canada and The Globe and Mail. KAM digital started production on this series in February of 2009 as the Intellectual Muscle series Technical...

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Music Production

Posted: Jan 19, 2012

A broadcast sound professional has been relied upon for their entire career to find the right music to suit a mood or situation and make it fit an exact time. In the beginning we used other peoples music but with millions of digital samples and intelligent software we have the freedom to cut and...

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