I’ve recorded and edited hundreds of podcasts and been a guest on a few too, but never hosted my own and I think it’s time I did. The question I asked myself is, what are my passions and how can I put that together with my practical knowledge, so iKAMCast was born.

What am I going to talk about? Well my two passions of course Broadcast TV and the Internet and how aspects of each are influencing the other. To help visitors along with myself focus on topics, I’m going to break down the aspects to three main talking points: Content, Marketing and Technology.

Hey, you want to be on the show or comment drop me a line at ikamcast@kamdigital.com


iKAMCast-007 Is Mobile Video Main Streaming?

Posted: Apr 18, 2013

Five or even three years ago mobile TV and video was a hojpoj of digital formats and even today it’s still a hoj but it looks as though it may get worked out.

iKAMCast-006 Virtual Technology of Broadcast News

Posted: Mar 28, 2013

Today we’re talking about the Virtual Technology of Broadcast News. I don’t mean that the news is made up virtually and then presented, it’s more like the studio and presenters are part of a virtual space themselves. I want to take some time and give you some details about what’s happening to your evening news program.

iKAMCast-005 Environmental Marketing Medieval Style

Posted: Mar 20, 2013

Hi and welcome to iKAMCast today we’re off topic somewhat but I couldn’t resist talking about Environmental Marketing Medieval Style. We’re just going to chat about pricing yourself out of the market...

iKAMCast-004 Marketing for Foodies and Gamers

Posted: Mar 13, 2013

Hi and welcome to iKAMCast episode 004 today we’re talking about Marketing for Foodies and Gamers How do these connect well listen and find out. Travel your city by staring at your phone, yes it’s a game from Google.

iKAMCast-003 Social Marketing meets Critical Mass

Posted: Mar 6, 2013

On iKAMCast today we’re asking what happens when Social Marketing meets Critical Mass. Are we done with the orderly application of marketing and into the wild wild west of online sales?