iKAMCast-000 The Pilot

Hi and welcome to episode 000 of iKAMCast, it's just me in this pilot podcast. I want to talk about the kind of discussion that I would like to have happen here.

iKAMCast – You’re Gonna Wanna Hear This

What am I going to talk about? Well my two passions of course Broadcast TV and the Internet and how aspects of each are influencing the other. To help visitors along with myself focus on topics, I’m going to break down the aspects to three main talking points: Content, Marketing and Technology.

The Talks – 2010 Olympic Podcasts

KAM digital started production on this series in February of 2009 as the Intellectual Muscle series Technical Director. First preparing a technical standards document, with recordings coming in from across Canada there had to be a minimum standard met by all recordings contributed.